Do skunks make good pets?

Skunks can make adorable and intelligent pets when domesticated. They are not stinky companions as many people would think. Domesticated skunks have their scent glands removed at an early age of 3-4 months for the males and 4-6 months for the females. Disarming the musk glands means that it is removed surgically by a veterinarian so that they won’t be able to spray you.

Temperament and Behavior of Skunks
Pennsylvania skunks’ personality traits can include being stubborn. This factor can make them a challenging pet. They are high-maintenance pets since their bodies are made for living in the wild. Skunks have been domesticated for more than 60 years. Wild skunks can be active at dusk or at nighttime. However, for pet skunks, they can mirror the sleeping cycles of their human companion.

They playful and cuddly animals and they can often become entertaining and charming for hours. However, you have to watch out for their tendency to forage inside garbage cans. They act like their wild counterparts when it comes to food. The skunks can also take things that are cuddly and soft. They make these things into comfortable nests. They are also diggers. You might find plenty of scratches to your woodwork if you let your skunks play unsupervised for extended periods of time. Blankets and toys can generally arouse their cuddly and playful nature.

You can potty-train skunks by putting a litter box in a corner of your house. This can serve as their bathroom. If your pet skunk chooses somewhere else, try putting vinegar or other foul-smelling liquids. This will discourage it to that area and it will look somewhere else.

The Scranton Skunk Diet
Scranton skunks are omnivores so they will feed on anything that they can find. You can include cooked chicken, fish, insects or eggs. They also need thawed frozen vegetables, grains, nuts, and yogurt. If you have baby skunks, you should buy a formula or milk that is exclusive just for them. You might find some on your local pet stores and you can also shop online.

Skunks food should be high in taurine and calcium to keep them healthy. Skunks need to be able to drink fresh water every day. They can also access their needed water requirement through vegetables. Cat food and chocolate are usually avoided since they are dangerous for pet skunks.

Check Your State Laws
Keep in mind that there are some states that allow or prohibit domesticated skunks. Skunks are still considered by many states. They can be a host to the rabies virus just like cats and dogs. When it is your first time owning a pet skunk, you can bring them into a veterinary clinic and have them vaccinated. This is to ensure that they are safe even if they accidentally bit or scratch the people around them.

Before you think about making skunks as pets, check first with your local wildlife personnel or talk to an expert. They can give you a lot of information about owning pet skunks.

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